Thursday, December 17, 2015


Just an update for all you riders out there!

2015 was a very successful year for DAM!
 we ride very regularly and wrench even more so.
With our rider group growing steadily, we always welcome new riders to blast with us!
Our very first rally went very well. We had a great turnout and even the rainy weather could stop us from having an amazing time. Our raffle bike was unbeleievable. Nicest bike around!
And we plan on doing even BETTER with our rally in may of 2016. (Details to be release)

Check us out on facebook for all kinds of info and contacts!

Keep warm, riders!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Children of the DAM Rally!

Hey hey everyone! Its a new year and its gonna be a great one. We have some big things coming up for DAM! First of all were excited to announce our first official rally will be happening in just a few months. My man panies are getting all bunched up with excitement!

 Dayton Area Moped Riders Presents "Children of the DAM" 

  •  This rally will be happening May 15th-17th 2015 at Mountain Top VFW in Ludlow Falls, OH
  •  We've rented out a large venue with plenty of room for everyone,  so bring all your camping gear!
  • Official itinerary will be coming in the next month or so.  But I know we have lots of great things in the works.
  • We have a great ride planned for saturday im quite excited for.  Your gonna first hand get to see some of the greatest sites our northern area has to offer.  Beautiful country sides and windy curvy backroads surrounded by fields, our great dams!  Then were heading south to that great city we call Dayton to show the downtown area what were all about. Brap!
  • Saturday breakfast and lunch will be provided followed by a bonfire driven party into the afterhours.  There will possibly be a free keg or two of beer going around also. 
  • Stay tuned to our event page on facebook for updates!  Just search "Children of the DAM"
If you can feel the excitement coursing thru your veins like I can than than look to the left of this page and go ahead and pre register!  It helps us help you help us!
Thanks everyone lets have a great rally season!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

updates for the group

Hey! So looks like it's time to update you guys on the current goings-on of D.A.M!

We still meet regularly, wrench and ride. We have at least one or two moped Mondays every month.

We welcome everyone to join us!

If you have a moped, and would like to gain some knowledge, and especially ride with a group of great men and women, please contact us!!

Easiest way is to find us is on Facebook! Just search Dayton Area Moped Riders!

Or you can email me personally, and I can definitely help you, whether you need advice with your bike or just wanna ride! My email is

We look forward to hearing from you!

Refer to my previous post for more info on mopeds!
Down there!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

important info for people looking to get into the moped scene.

This last weekend i have given our website info out to maybe 15 different people. i thought I would go ahead and post some helpful info for anyone looking into moped-ing it up this summer.

Here is a forum where alot of information can be found, a moped wiki, buy/sell forum,  and tons of build info 


there are several moped stores online, where you can purchase all kinds of stock and aftermarket parts.

two of the most common and reliable are:



one of the most important things to know for a new moped rider is that mopeds need constant attention, and maintenance.

this is an invaluable tool for new riders

Fred's Guide


As for us as a group, we always welcome any type if two wheeled bike to ride with us, and as spring sets in we will start having 'moped mondays', usually just a get together in which we all hangout, ride and help each other with our bikes. feel free to post on our chatbox, ask any questions you might have.


always remember to be safe!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Voting Is Over

Thanks to everyone that took the time, thought extemely hard and voted for this years, Captain, Co-Captain, and Tresurey postions. So just incase you've missed it here are the resolutes

Captain= Kevin Boyd

Co-Captain= Michael Rishforth
Co-Captain= Brandon Fairchild

Treasury= Taylor French

So due to the fact for Co-Captain we had a tie at 7 to 7 we will have two Co-Captains in the group this year. So give a fake clap (because your on a computer reading this and not in person) and congrats to everyone that won and thanks to everyone that ran.

P.S. I believe that Kevin is planning to host our next meeting so keep a sharp eye out.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The community

I hung out with Frenchie today for a while, and we were talking about how badly we want to ride. Being that it's winter, and we're both babies about it, it's too cold for us. And then we got to talking about how stupid this whole moped thing is. It's nothing but a money pit, and a constant slew of break downs. As the conversation progressed we talked about how great the community is. I've made the best friends i've ever had through this dumb little hobby. And i wouldn't trade it for the world. So even though we aren't getting together every monday right now, i love all you guys. And i'm looking forward to warm weather and going to rallies. Here's to a DAM good year, and to wreaking havoc at some epic rallies. I'm gonna host another meeting/hangout/feast here soon. You guys are the best gang, and i wouldn't trade the friendships or the breakdowns for the world.


Friday, January 25, 2013

DAM Riders rising...

1977 Mopeds released their latest numbers.... And DAM Riders are now number three for the top gangs' bikes.  Pretty awesome that DAM is making a name for themselves.  If you haven't visited the 1977's Garage, then be sure to head over and make sure to "Like" our builds!