Saturday, January 26, 2013

The community

I hung out with Frenchie today for a while, and we were talking about how badly we want to ride. Being that it's winter, and we're both babies about it, it's too cold for us. And then we got to talking about how stupid this whole moped thing is. It's nothing but a money pit, and a constant slew of break downs. As the conversation progressed we talked about how great the community is. I've made the best friends i've ever had through this dumb little hobby. And i wouldn't trade it for the world. So even though we aren't getting together every monday right now, i love all you guys. And i'm looking forward to warm weather and going to rallies. Here's to a DAM good year, and to wreaking havoc at some epic rallies. I'm gonna host another meeting/hangout/feast here soon. You guys are the best gang, and i wouldn't trade the friendships or the breakdowns for the world.


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