Monday, March 11, 2013

important info for people looking to get into the moped scene.

This last weekend i have given our website info out to maybe 15 different people. i thought I would go ahead and post some helpful info for anyone looking into moped-ing it up this summer.

Here is a forum where alot of information can be found, a moped wiki, buy/sell forum,  and tons of build info 


there are several moped stores online, where you can purchase all kinds of stock and aftermarket parts.

two of the most common and reliable are:



one of the most important things to know for a new moped rider is that mopeds need constant attention, and maintenance.

this is an invaluable tool for new riders

Fred's Guide


As for us as a group, we always welcome any type if two wheeled bike to ride with us, and as spring sets in we will start having 'moped mondays', usually just a get together in which we all hangout, ride and help each other with our bikes. feel free to post on our chatbox, ask any questions you might have.


always remember to be safe!!


  1. Nice post. One thing i would like to add, in regards to moped army..YES it is incredibly useful and helpful, but the majority of people on it are assholes and will be sarcastic and rude. You just have to go with it and not get too upset. Don't get me wrong though, there are plenty of solid, kind hearted people, but there are 10 times more assholes haha. So if you use it, don't get upset, it's just mopeds :]


  2. We should make up business cards with the website. I had to write it down a bunch for people.

  3. haha i'm down. draw something up!